QGISは多くのメーリングリストがあります. メーリングリスト を参照して様々な利用可能なリストを探して下さい.

もし質問をしたい場合は是非 QGISの質問をするには? を読んでからお願いします.


過去のメーリングリストの履歴の多くは Nabble ( で保存されています。

If you go to the osgeo section of it: you see there is a QGIS section also, where you can do a search over all QGIS lists, or refine it to e.g. only the users list.


On you can ask QGIS questions also. If you use the tag qgis you’ll see all QGIS related questions and answers:



There is a #qgis channel on You can also use a web interface: If you missed a discussion on IRC, not a problem! We log all discussion, so you can easily catch up. Just go to


Local QGIS user groups are a great place to meet other users.

See ユーザグループ to read about it.


The website should be used to publish any material in relation to the information and management of the user group. Examples include the user meetings, case study, shared material, discussion boards, etc. Public material should be available without login requirements (e.g. do not require interested people to be a member of a social media network like Facebook or Google+). Usage of social media is recommended but should not be the only channel of information. RSS feeds should be made available at the Website of the QGIS user group.

Good luck with the organization of your local user group. Please inform the international QGIS team by registering at the QGIS community list and reporting about your progress. Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the establishment and maintenance of your local user group.


If you want to file bugs or issues, see バグ、機能と既知問題.


あなたの地域の企業からサポートを受けることも可能です。詳しくは以下を参照してください コマーシャルサポート.


QGIS does not have a forum. Please either search in StackExchange (see below), or via in the history of our Mailinglists (see above).

For non-english, note that there also exist local forums that have a dedicated section for QGIS you may need to search in.