QGIS infrastructure

This page should show you all the infrastructure and services that QGIS uses, and current contacts or owners.

I think it is not wise to put accountnames here, but let me know if that is better. We can also use nicks

Please add (yourself) and or change

Some sources: http://app.wisemapping.com/c/maps/81444/edit and http://docs.qgis.org/2.0/html/en/docs/qgis_governance/


  • Gary

Main server

  • http://documentation.qgis.org
  • access: Alessandro P, Werner M, Richard D, Frank W, Martin, Otto D, Gary S, Jurgen F, Tim S, Pirmin K
  • root: Jurgen F
  • sudo: Richard D

Documentation and website

Github management

Flickr Groups



  • Nathan W


  • Paolo C


  • Jurgen F

Planet feeds

  • Gary S