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Todo List
Member _getTitle (QDomDocument const &doc, QString &title)
XXX we should go with the attribute xor title, not both.
Member pal::Pal::addLayer (const QString &layerName, Arrangement arrangement, double defaultPriority, bool obstacle, bool active, bool toLabel, bool displayAll=false)
add symbolUnit
Member pal::Pal::labeller (const QStringList &layerNames, double bbox[4], PalStat **stat, bool displayAll)
add obstacles and tolabel arrays
layerNamesnames of layers to label
bboxmap extent
statwill be filled with labelling process statistics, can be NULL
displayAllif true, all feature will be labelled even though overlaps occur
UnknownLayer will be ignored ? should throw exception or not ???
Member QgsMapLayer::drawLabels (QgsRenderContext &rendererContext)
to be removed: used only in vector layers
Member QgsProject::dumpProperties () const
XXX Now slightly broken since re-factoring. Won't print out top-level key and redundantly prints sub-keys.
Member QgsProject::~QgsProject ()
XXX Should have semantics for saving project if dirty as last gasp?
Member QgsProjectBadLayerGuiHandler::findLayer (const QString &fileFilters, const QDomNode &constLayerNode)
Member QgsProjectionSelector::loadCrsList (QSet< QString > *crsFilter=0)
Should this be public?
Member QgsProjectionSelector::loadUserCrsList (QSet< QString > *crsFilter=0)
Should this be public?
Member QgsRasterLayer::QgsRasterLayer (const QString &uri, const QString &baseName, const QString &providerKey, bool loadDefaultStyleFlag=true)
Rename into a general constructor when the old raster interface is retired parameter dummy is just there to distinguish this function signature from the old non-provider one.