QGIS API Documentation  2.99.0-Master (0a63d1f)
qgsvectorfilewriter.h File Reference
#include "qgis_core.h"
#include "qgsfields.h"
#include "qgssymbol.h"
#include <ogr_api.h>
#include <QPair>
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class  QgsVectorFileWriter::BoolOption
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::FieldValueConverter
 Interface to convert raw field values to their user-friendly value. More...
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::HiddenOption
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::IntOption
struct  QgsVectorFileWriter::MetaData
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::Option
class  QgsVectorFileWriter
 A convenience class for writing vector files to disk. More...
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::SaveVectorOptions
 Options to pass to writeAsVectorFormat() More...
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::SetOption
class  QgsVectorFileWriter::StringOption