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qgisgui.h File Reference
#include <Qt>
#include <QPair>
#include <QWidget>
#include <QStringList>
#include "qgis_gui.h"
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 /namespace QgisGui The QgisGui namespace contains constants and helper functions used throughout the QGIS GUI.


QString QgisGui::createFileFilter_ (QString const &longName, QString const &glob)
 Convenience function for readily creating file filters. More...
QString QgisGui::createFileFilter_ (QString const &format)
 Create file filters suitable for use with QFileDialog. More...
QFont QgisGui::getFont (bool &ok, const QFont &initial, const QString &title=QString())
 Show font selection dialog. More...
QPair< QString, QString > GUI_EXPORT QgisGui::getSaveAsImageName (QWidget *parent, const QString &message, const QString &defaultFilename=QString::null)
 A helper function to get an image name from the user. More...
bool GUI_EXPORT QgisGui::openFilesRememberingFilter (QString const &filterName, QString const &filters, QStringList &selectedFiles, QString &enc, QString &title, bool cancelAll=false)
 Open files, preferring to have the default file selector be the last one used, if any; also, prefer to start in the last directory associated with filterName. More...


constexpr double QgisGui::CANVAS_MAGNIFICATION_MAX = 16.0
 Maximum magnification level allowed in map canvases. More...
constexpr double QgisGui::CANVAS_MAGNIFICATION_MIN = 0.1
 Minimum magnification level allowed in map canvases. More...