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QgsRendererV2Registry Class Reference

Registry of renderers. More...

#include <qgsrendererv2registry.h>

Public Member Functions

bool addRenderer (QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata *metadata)
 add a renderer to registry. Takes ownership of the metadata object. More...
bool removeRenderer (QString rendererName)
 remove renderer from registry More...
QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadatarendererMetadata (QString rendererName)
 get metadata for particular renderer. Returns NULL if not found in registry. More...
QStringList renderersList ()
 return a list of available renderers More...

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsRendererV2Registryinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 QgsRendererV2Registry ()
 protected constructor More...
 ~QgsRendererV2Registry ()

Protected Attributes

QMap< QString,
QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata * > 
QStringList mRenderersOrder
 list to keep order in which renderers have been added More...

Detailed Description

Registry of renderers.

This is a singleton, renderers can be added / removed at any time

Definition at line 138 of file qgsrendererv2registry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsRendererV2Registry::QgsRendererV2Registry ( )
QgsRendererV2Registry::~QgsRendererV2Registry ( )

Definition at line 54 of file qgsrendererv2registry.cpp.

References mRenderers.

Member Function Documentation

bool QgsRendererV2Registry::addRenderer ( QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata metadata)

add a renderer to registry. Takes ownership of the metadata object.

Definition at line 70 of file qgsrendererv2registry.cpp.

References mRenderers, mRenderersOrder, and QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata::name().

Referenced by QgsRendererV2Registry().

QgsRendererV2Registry * QgsRendererV2Registry::instance ( )
bool QgsRendererV2Registry::removeRenderer ( QString  rendererName)

remove renderer from registry

Definition at line 80 of file qgsrendererv2registry.cpp.

References mRenderers, and mRenderersOrder.

QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata * QgsRendererV2Registry::rendererMetadata ( QString  rendererName)
QStringList QgsRendererV2Registry::renderersList ( )

Member Data Documentation

QMap<QString, QgsRendererV2AbstractMetadata*> QgsRendererV2Registry::mRenderers
QStringList QgsRendererV2Registry::mRenderersOrder

list to keep order in which renderers have been added

Definition at line 164 of file qgsrendererv2registry.h.

Referenced by addRenderer(), removeRenderer(), and renderersList().

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