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QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget Class Reference

#include <qgssymbollayerv2widget.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget:
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Public Slots

void on_mDataDefinedPropertiesButton_clicked ()
void on_mIntervalUnitWidget_changed ()
void on_mOffsetAlongLineUnitWidget_changed ()
void on_mOffsetUnitWidget_changed ()
void setInterval (double val)
void setOffset ()
void setOffsetAlongLine (double val)
void setPlacement ()
void setRotate ()

Public Member Functions

 QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget (const QgsVectorLayer *vl, QWidget *parent=NULL)
virtual void setSymbolLayer (QgsSymbolLayerV2 *layer)
virtual QgsSymbolLayerV2symbolLayer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget
 QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget (QWidget *parent, const QgsVectorLayer *vl=0)
virtual ~QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsSymbolLayerV2Widgetcreate (const QgsVectorLayer *vl)

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget
const QgsVectorLayermVectorLayer

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget
void changed ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget
virtual QString dataDefinedPropertyLabel (const QString &entryName)
 Get label for data defined entry. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 244 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget ( const QgsVectorLayer vl,
QWidget *  parent = NULL 

Definition at line 1455 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

static QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget* QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::create ( const QgsVectorLayer vl)

Definition at line 251 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.h.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::on_mDataDefinedPropertiesButton_clicked ( )

Definition at line 1609 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::on_mIntervalUnitWidget_changed ( )

Definition at line 1576 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::on_mOffsetAlongLineUnitWidget_changed ( )

Definition at line 1598 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::on_mOffsetUnitWidget_changed ( )

Definition at line 1587 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setInterval ( double  val)

Definition at line 1532 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setOffset ( )

Definition at line 1550 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setOffsetAlongLine ( double  val)

Definition at line 1538 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setPlacement ( )

Definition at line 1556 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setRotate ( )

Definition at line 1544 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

void QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::setSymbolLayer ( QgsSymbolLayerV2 layer)

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget.

Definition at line 1478 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

QgsSymbolLayerV2 * QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::symbolLayer ( )

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2Widget.

Definition at line 1527 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2* QgsMarkerLineSymbolLayerV2Widget::mLayer

Definition at line 271 of file qgssymbollayerv2widget.h.

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