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QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2 Class Reference

#include <qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

enum  GradientColorType { SimpleTwoColor, ColorRamp }
enum  GradientCoordinateMode { Feature, Viewport }
enum  GradientSpread { Pad, Reflect, Repeat }
enum  GradientType { Linear, Radial, Conical }

Public Member Functions

 QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2 (QColor color=DEFAULT_SIMPLEFILL_COLOR, QColor color2=Qt::white, GradientColorType gradientColorType=SimpleTwoColor, GradientType gradientType=Linear, GradientCoordinateMode coordinateMode=Feature, GradientSpread gradientSpread=Pad)
virtual ~QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2 ()
double angle () const
QgsSymbolLayerV2clone () const
QColor color2 () const
 Color for endpoint of gradient, only used if the gradient color type is set to SimpleTwoColor. More...
QgsVectorColorRampV2colorRamp ()
 Color ramp used for the gradient fill, only used if the gradient color type is set to ColorRamp. More...
GradientCoordinateMode coordinateMode () const
 Coordinate mode for gradient. More...
double estimateMaxBleed () const
 Returns the estimated maximum distance which the layer style will bleed outside the drawn shape. More...
GradientColorType gradientColorType () const
 Gradient color mode, controls how gradient color stops are created. More...
GradientSpread gradientSpread () const
 Gradient spread mode. More...
GradientType gradientType () const
 Type of gradient, eg linear or radial. More...
QString layerType () const
QgsMapUnitScale mapUnitScale () const
QPointF offset () const
const QgsMapUnitScaleoffsetMapUnitScale () const
QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit offsetUnit () const
QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit outputUnit () const
QgsStringMap properties () const
QPointF referencePoint1 () const
bool referencePoint1IsCentroid () const
QPointF referencePoint2 () const
bool referencePoint2IsCentroid () const
void renderPolygon (const QPolygonF &points, QList< QPolygonF > *rings, QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context)
void setAngle (double angle)
 Rotation angle for gradient fill. More...
void setColor2 (QColor color2)
void setColorRamp (QgsVectorColorRampV2 *ramp)
void setCoordinateMode (GradientCoordinateMode coordinateMode)
void setGradientColorType (GradientColorType gradientColorType)
void setGradientSpread (GradientSpread gradientSpread)
void setGradientType (GradientType gradientType)
void setMapUnitScale (const QgsMapUnitScale &scale)
void setOffset (QPointF offset)
 Offset for gradient fill. More...
void setOffsetMapUnitScale (const QgsMapUnitScale &scale)
void setOffsetUnit (QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit unit)
 Units for gradient fill offset. More...
void setOutputUnit (QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit unit)
void setReferencePoint1 (QPointF referencePoint)
 Starting point of gradient fill, in the range [0,0] - [1,1]. More...
void setReferencePoint1IsCentroid (bool isCentroid)
 Sets the starting point of the gradient to be the feature centroid. More...
void setReferencePoint2 (QPointF referencePoint)
 End point of gradient fill, in the range [0,0] - [1,1]. More...
void setReferencePoint2IsCentroid (bool isCentroid)
 Sets the end point of the gradient to be the feature centroid. More...
void startRender (QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context)
void stopRender (QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsFillSymbolLayerV2
double angle () const
void drawPreviewIcon (QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context, QSize size)
void setAngle (double angle)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2
virtual ~QgsSymbolLayerV2 ()
virtual QColor color () const
virtual const QgsExpressiondataDefinedProperty (const QString &property) const
virtual QString dataDefinedPropertyString (const QString &property) const
virtual QColor dxfBrushColor (const QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context) const
virtual Qt::BrushStyle dxfBrushStyle () const
virtual QColor dxfColor (const QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context) const
virtual QVector< qreal > dxfCustomDashPattern (QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit &unit) const
virtual Qt::PenStyle dxfPenStyle () const
virtual double dxfWidth (const QgsDxfExport &e, const QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context) const
virtual QColor fillColor () const
 Get fill color. More...
bool hasDataDefinedProperties () const
bool isLocked () const
virtual QString ogrFeatureStyle (double mmScaleFactor, double mapUnitScaleFactor) const
virtual QColor outlineColor () const
 Get outline color. More...
virtual void removeDataDefinedProperties ()
virtual void removeDataDefinedProperty (const QString &property)
int renderingPass () const
virtual void setColor (const QColor &color)
virtual void setDataDefinedProperty (const QString &property, const QString &expressionString)
virtual void setFillColor (const QColor &color)
 Set fill color. More...
void setLocked (bool locked)
virtual void setOutlineColor (const QColor &color)
 Set outline color. More...
void setRenderingPass (int renderingPass)
virtual bool setSubSymbol (QgsSymbolV2 *symbol)
virtual QgsSymbolV2subSymbol ()
virtual void toSld (QDomDocument &doc, QDomElement &element, QgsStringMap props) const
QgsSymbolV2::SymbolType type () const
virtual QSet< QString > usedAttributes () const
virtual bool writeDxf (QgsDxfExport &e, double mmMapUnitScaleFactor, const QString &layerName, const QgsSymbolV2RenderContext *context, const QgsFeature *f, const QPointF &shift=QPointF(0.0, 0.0)) const

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsSymbolLayerV2create (const QgsStringMap &properties=QgsStringMap())

Protected Attributes

double mAngle
QBrush mBrush
QColor mColor2
GradientCoordinateMode mCoordinateMode
GradientColorType mGradientColorType
GradientSpread mGradientSpread
GradientType mGradientType
QPointF mOffset
QgsMapUnitScale mOffsetMapUnitScale
QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit mOffsetUnit
QPointF mReferencePoint1
bool mReferencePoint1IsCentroid
QPointF mReferencePoint2
bool mReferencePoint2IsCentroid
QBrush mSelBrush
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsFillSymbolLayerV2
double mAngle
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2
QColor mColor
QMap< QString, QgsExpression * > mDataDefinedProperties
bool mLocked
int mRenderingPass
QgsSymbolV2::SymbolType mType

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsFillSymbolLayerV2
 QgsFillSymbolLayerV2 (bool locked=false)
void _renderPolygon (QPainter *p, const QPolygonF &points, const QList< QPolygonF > *rings, QgsSymbolV2RenderContext &context)
 Default method to render polygon. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2
 QgsSymbolLayerV2 (QgsSymbolV2::SymbolType type, bool locked=false)
void copyDataDefinedProperties (QgsSymbolLayerV2 *destLayer) const
 Copies data defined properties of this layer to another symbol layer. More...
virtual QgsExpressionexpression (const QString &property) const
virtual void prepareExpressions (const QgsFields *fields, double scale=-1.0)
void saveDataDefinedProperties (QgsStringMap &stringMap) const
 Saves data defined properties to string map. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from QgsSymbolLayerV2
static const bool selectFillBorder = false
static const bool selectFillStyle = false
static const bool selectionIsOpaque = true

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2 ( QColor  color = DEFAULT_SIMPLEFILL_COLOR,
QColor  color2 = Qt::white,
GradientColorType  gradientColorType = SimpleTwoColor,
GradientType  gradientType = Linear,
GradientCoordinateMode  coordinateMode = Feature,
GradientSpread  gradientSpread = Pad 

Definition at line 419 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::~QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2 ( )

Definition at line 438 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::angle ( void  ) const

Definition at line 251 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsSymbolLayerV2 * QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::clone ( ) const

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 862 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QColor QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::color2 ( ) const

Color for endpoint of gradient, only used if the gradient color type is set to SimpleTwoColor.

Definition at line 222 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsVectorColorRampV2* QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::colorRamp ( )

Color ramp used for the gradient fill, only used if the gradient color type is set to ColorRamp.

Definition at line 218 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientCoordinateMode QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::coordinateMode ( ) const

Coordinate mode for gradient.

Controls how the gradient stops are positioned.

Definition at line 226 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsSymbolLayerV2 * QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::create ( const QgsStringMap properties = QgsStringMap())

Definition at line 443 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

double QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::estimateMaxBleed ( ) const

Returns the estimated maximum distance which the layer style will bleed outside the drawn shape.

Eg, polygons drawn with an outline will draw half the width of the outline outside of the polygon. This amount is estimated, since it may be affected by data defined symbology rules.

Reimplemented from QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 879 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

GradientColorType QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::gradientColorType ( ) const

Gradient color mode, controls how gradient color stops are created.

Definition at line 214 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientSpread QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::gradientSpread ( ) const

Gradient spread mode.

Controls how the gradient behaves outside of the predefined stops

Definition at line 230 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientType QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::gradientType ( ) const

Type of gradient, eg linear or radial.

Definition at line 210 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QString QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::layerType ( ) const

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 549 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QgsMapUnitScale QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mapUnitScale ( ) const

Reimplemented from QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 900 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::offset ( ) const

Definition at line 255 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

const QgsMapUnitScale& QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::offsetMapUnitScale ( ) const

Definition at line 262 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::offsetUnit ( ) const

Definition at line 259 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::outputUnit ( ) const

Reimplemented from QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 890 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QgsStringMap QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::properties ( ) const

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 837 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::referencePoint1 ( ) const

Definition at line 235 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

bool QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::referencePoint1IsCentroid ( ) const

Definition at line 239 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::referencePoint2 ( ) const

Definition at line 243 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

bool QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::referencePoint2IsCentroid ( ) const

Definition at line 247 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::renderPolygon ( const QPolygonF &  points,
QList< QPolygonF > *  rings,
QgsSymbolV2RenderContext context 

Implements QgsFillSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 807 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setAngle ( double  angle)

Rotation angle for gradient fill.

Can be used to rotate a gradient around its centre point

Definition at line 250 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setColor2 ( QColor  color2)

Definition at line 223 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setColorRamp ( QgsVectorColorRampV2 ramp)

Definition at line 543 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setCoordinateMode ( GradientCoordinateMode  coordinateMode)

Definition at line 227 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setGradientColorType ( GradientColorType  gradientColorType)

Definition at line 215 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setGradientSpread ( GradientSpread  gradientSpread)

Definition at line 231 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setGradientType ( GradientType  gradientType)

Definition at line 211 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setMapUnitScale ( const QgsMapUnitScale scale)

Reimplemented from QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 895 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setOffset ( QPointF  offset)

Offset for gradient fill.

Definition at line 254 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setOffsetMapUnitScale ( const QgsMapUnitScale scale)

Definition at line 261 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setOffsetUnit ( QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit  unit)

Units for gradient fill offset.

Definition at line 258 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setOutputUnit ( QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit  unit)

Reimplemented from QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 885 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setReferencePoint1 ( QPointF  referencePoint)

Starting point of gradient fill, in the range [0,0] - [1,1].

Definition at line 234 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setReferencePoint1IsCentroid ( bool  isCentroid)

Sets the starting point of the gradient to be the feature centroid.

Definition at line 238 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setReferencePoint2 ( QPointF  referencePoint)

End point of gradient fill, in the range [0,0] - [1,1].

Definition at line 242 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::setReferencePoint2IsCentroid ( bool  isCentroid)

Sets the end point of the gradient to be the feature centroid.

Definition at line 246 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::startRender ( QgsSymbolV2RenderContext context)

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 792 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

void QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::stopRender ( QgsSymbolV2RenderContext context)

Implements QgsSymbolLayerV2.

Definition at line 802 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mAngle

Definition at line 285 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QBrush QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mBrush

Definition at line 271 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QColor QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mColor2

Definition at line 275 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientCoordinateMode QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mCoordinateMode

Definition at line 278 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientColorType QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mGradientColorType

Definition at line 274 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsVectorColorRampV2* QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mGradientRamp

Definition at line 276 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientSpread QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mGradientSpread

Definition at line 279 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

GradientType QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mGradientType

Definition at line 277 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mOffset

Definition at line 287 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsMapUnitScale QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mOffsetMapUnitScale

Definition at line 289 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QgsSymbolV2::OutputUnit QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mOffsetUnit

Definition at line 288 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mReferencePoint1

Definition at line 281 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

bool QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mReferencePoint1IsCentroid

Definition at line 282 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QPointF QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mReferencePoint2

Definition at line 283 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

bool QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mReferencePoint2IsCentroid

Definition at line 284 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

QBrush QgsGradientFillSymbolLayerV2::mSelBrush

Definition at line 272 of file qgsfillsymbollayerv2.h.

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