QGIS API Documentation  2.9.0-Master
QgsGml Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsGml, including all inherited members.

crs() const QgsGml
dataProgressAndSteps(int progress, int totalSteps)QgsGmlsignal
dataReadProgress(int progress)QgsGmlsignal
featuresMap() const QgsGmlinline
getFeatures(const QString &uri, QGis::WkbType *wkbType, QgsRectangle *extent=0, const QString &userName=QString(), const QString &password=QString())QgsGml
getFeatures(const QByteArray &data, QGis::WkbType *wkbType, QgsRectangle *extent=0)QgsGml
idsMap() const QgsGmlinline
QgsGml(const QString &typeName, const QString &geometryAttribute, const QgsFields &fields)QgsGml
totalStepsUpdate(int totalSteps)QgsGmlsignal