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QgsDxfPalLabeling Class Reference

#include <qgsdxfpallabeling.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsDxfPalLabeling:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsDxfPalLabeling (QgsDxfExport *dxf, const QgsRectangle &bbox, double scale, QGis::UnitType mapUnits)
 ~QgsDxfPalLabeling ()
QgsRenderContextrenderContext ()
void drawLabel (pal::LabelPosition *label, QgsRenderContext &context, QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, DrawLabelType drawType, double dpiRatio=1.0)
 drawLabel More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsPalLabeling
 QgsPalLabeling ()
 ~QgsPalLabeling ()
QgsPalLayerSettingslayer (const QString &layerName)
 returns PAL layer settings for a registered layer More...
void numCandidatePositions (int &candPoint, int &candLine, int &candPolygon)
void setNumCandidatePositions (int candPoint, int candLine, int candPolygon)
void setSearchMethod (Search s)
Search searchMethod () const
bool isShowingCandidates () const
void setShowingCandidates (bool showing)
const QList< QgsLabelCandidate > & candidates ()
bool isShowingShadowRectangles () const
void setShowingShadowRectangles (bool showing)
bool isShowingAllLabels () const
void setShowingAllLabels (bool showing)
bool isShowingPartialsLabels () const
void setShowingPartialsLabels (bool showing)
bool isDrawingOutlineLabels () const
void setDrawingOutlineLabels (bool outline)
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void init (QgsMapRenderer *mr)
 called when we're going to start with rendering More...
virtual void init (const QgsMapSettings &mapSettings)
 called when we're going to start with rendering More...
virtual bool willUseLayer (QgsVectorLayer *layer)
 called to find out whether the layer is used for labeling More...
virtual void clearActiveLayers ()
 clears all PAL layer settings for registered layers More...
virtual void clearActiveLayer (const QString &layerID)
 clears data defined objects from PAL layer settings for a registered layer More...
virtual int prepareLayer (QgsVectorLayer *layer, QStringList &attrNames, QgsRenderContext &ctx)
 hook called when drawing layer before issuing select() More...
virtual int addDiagramLayer (QgsVectorLayer *layer, const QgsDiagramLayerSettings *s)
 adds a diagram layer to the labeling engine More...
virtual void registerFeature (const QString &layerID, QgsFeature &feat, const QgsRenderContext &context=QgsRenderContext(), QString dxfLayer=QString::null)
 hook called when drawing for every feature in a layer More...
virtual void registerDiagramFeature (const QString &layerID, QgsFeature &feat, const QgsRenderContext &context=QgsRenderContext())
 called for every diagram feature More...
virtual void drawLabeling (QgsRenderContext &context)
 called when the map is drawn and labels should be placed More...
virtual void exit ()
 called when we're done with rendering More...
QList< QgsLabelPosition
labelsAtPosition (const QgsPoint &p)
 return infos about labels at a given (map) position More...
QList< QgsLabelPosition
labelsWithinRect (const QgsRectangle &r)
 return infos about labels within a given (map) rectangle More...
QgsLabelingResultstakeResults ()
 Return pointer to recently computed results (in drawLabeling()) and pass the ownership of results to the caller. More...
clone ()
 called when passing engine among map renderers More...
void drawLabelCandidateRect (pal::LabelPosition *lp, QPainter *painter, const QgsMapToPixel *xform)
void loadEngineSettings ()
 load/save engine settings to project file More...
void saveEngineSettings ()
void clearEngineSettings ()
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED bool isStoredWithProject () const
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void setStoredWithProject (bool store)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsLabelingEngineInterface
virtual ~QgsLabelingEngineInterface ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsPalLabeling
enum  DrawLabelType {
  LabelText = 0, LabelBuffer, LabelShape, LabelSVG,
enum  Search {
  Chain, Popmusic_Tabu, Popmusic_Chain, Popmusic_Tabu_Chain,
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsPalLabeling
static bool staticWillUseLayer (QgsVectorLayer *layer)
 called to find out whether the layer is used for labeling More...
static bool staticWillUseLayer (const QString &layerID)
static void drawLabelBuffer (QgsRenderContext &context, QgsLabelComponent component, const QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr)
static void drawLabelBackground (QgsRenderContext &context, QgsLabelComponent component, const QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr)
static void drawLabelShadow (QgsRenderContext &context, QgsLabelComponent component, const QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsPalLabeling
void dataDefinedTextStyle (QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, const QMap< QgsPalLayerSettings::DataDefinedProperties, QVariant > &ddValues)
void dataDefinedTextFormatting (QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, const QMap< QgsPalLayerSettings::DataDefinedProperties, QVariant > &ddValues)
void dataDefinedTextBuffer (QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, const QMap< QgsPalLayerSettings::DataDefinedProperties, QVariant > &ddValues)
void dataDefinedShapeBackground (QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, const QMap< QgsPalLayerSettings::DataDefinedProperties, QVariant > &ddValues)
void dataDefinedDropShadow (QgsPalLayerSettings &tmpLyr, const QMap< QgsPalLayerSettings::DataDefinedProperties, QVariant > &ddValues)
void deleteTemporaryData ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsPalLabeling
QHash< QString,
QHash< QString,
QgsPalLayerSettings mInvalidLayerSettings
const QgsMapSettingsmMapSettings
int mCandPoint
int mCandLine
int mCandPolygon
Search mSearch
QList< QgsLabelCandidatemCandidates
bool mShowingCandidates
bool mShowingAllLabels
bool mShowingShadowRects
bool mShowingPartialsLabels
bool mDrawOutlineLabels

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsDxfPalLabeling::QgsDxfPalLabeling ( QgsDxfExport dxf,
const QgsRectangle bbox,
double  scale,
QGis::UnitType  mapUnits 
QgsDxfPalLabeling::~QgsDxfPalLabeling ( )

Member Function Documentation

void QgsDxfPalLabeling::drawLabel ( pal::LabelPosition label,
QgsRenderContext context,
QgsPalLayerSettings tmpLyr,
DrawLabelType  drawType,
double  dpiRatio = 1.0 


not available in python bindings

Reimplemented from QgsPalLabeling.

QgsRenderContext& QgsDxfPalLabeling::renderContext ( )

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